Rock Mill's Church 

The Church was reclaimed  by Rockmill and its owners in 2002, adding one more piece of history to the property. 

RockMill's Church 

In 1840, William Shivers gave and deeded three acres of land to establish a Methodist Church.  The church was called Rock Mills Church and remained on the same three acres until 1894.  It was moved to a small plot of ground in the south-western edge of Jewelll.  This land was given by Dr. Rhodes of Jewelll. The Sunday School was organized in 1877 and in 1887 the Woman's Missionary Society was organized.The church was known as Rock Mills Church until 1965 when it was then referred to as Jewell Methodist Church. In 1980 a rededication took place and the church is again named Rock Mills Methodist Church. The church remained in service for its 160 years because of its truly dedicated worshippers. Rock Mills Church is once again a part of Rock Mill Plantation as the current owners purchased the church in 2002. The church has been completely restored and will receive all of the care and upkeep required to maintain its beautiful history. It remains open to the public for worship and touring and will always be a part of Rock Mill Plantation, the town of Jewell and the Methodist community of Hancock County.

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